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Industrial Radiography

  • Fully equipped Radiography Lab
  • Duly licensed by BARC
  • Gamma Ray Cameras
  • Directional as well as panoramic X-ray machines
  • All third party approvals
  • U Stamp NDE Procedures, written practices and callibrations

Foundry Consultancy

  • Project Consultancy from conceptualization to commissioning the foundry
  • Process consultancy in all departments of foundry including metal making, molding, methoding, and finishing.
  • Handled all different types of metallurgies
  • Online consultancy on retainer basis

Chartered Engineer

  • Valuation of Plant and Machinery

Industrial Radiography

5We are quality radiography laboratory operating in a Ambernath, Dombivli, New Mumbai, Murbad & Badlapur areas.

We have 3 Roli 2 – Ir192 Radiography Cameras. Additionally, we also have two X-Ray machines, one directional 200 KV X-Ray machine for coils and low thickness upto 10mm & one Panoramic 250 KV X-Ray Machine for higher thicknesses upto 30mm.

We are duly licensed by BARC.  The company is led by an IIT Mumbai Metallurgical engineer with more than 50 years of experience. He is approved and Certified by BARC as Radiation Safety Officer and Site in charge (RT Level II). He is well supported by experienced radiographers duly certified & approved by BARC. They have a long experience of more than 10-15 years in radiography field.

While working for our reputed customers we are approved by almost all reputed third party inspection agencies like Lloyds, EIL, TUV, IRS and others.

We work under PDI ,CE certification and U stamp inspecting agencies also. We are working for 3 U stamp approved fabrication units as official radiography lab. Our Written Practice & procedure is approved by ASME for U stamp. We give all the details required by the code including actual density of the films.

We are specialized in radiography of steel, stainless steels, C.I., Aluminium & Copper based Alloy castings. We are well conversant with E 446 and valve radiography codes like B16.34. We do radiography of ceramics also.

Foundry Consultancy

We are also in a business of process and project consultancy in steel & stainless steel foundry industry. The undersigned is a foundry consultant since 1985, specialized in high pressure pump, valve, and other steel & stainless steel castings. Presently, for last five years we are consultants to large export oriented Investment casting foundry as well as a large export oriented sand casting foundry at Rajkot on retainership basis apart from other assignments

We are also doing project consultancy for one Bangladesh foundry at Dhaka.

Chartered Engineer for last 15 years

In case you need to know any more particulars please feel free to contact us.

A unique combination of Radiography expertise, Foundry consultancy and chartered engineers under one roof.

Kothare Metlab

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Dombivali East, Maharashtra, 421203, India.

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D46, MIDC Phase II, Opp. DMart, Near Shani Mandir,
Dombivali East, Maharashtra, 421204, India.

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